Your Unlived Lives

When we say “I” enjoy living in the mountains or “I” have had a successful career in management, we are usually only expressing a perspective from one of the many selves we have inside us. While a strong “I” may prefer the mountains, there may be another “I” within who loves the excitement of urban living and misses the culture and restaurants of city life.  The “I” who is proud of business accomplishments may have long suppressed another “I” who has longed to sail around the world.

At mid-life, many of us start to reassess our course. At every turn of our journey, another path has been thwarted or suppressed, but now it’s time to regroup. In the time that we have left-15, 20, 30 years, how do we most want to spend our time? Do we still have the same motivations? Do we even value the things that we once did?

Seeing his talent and love of music, we sent our youngest son to a school of the arts and made sure that he had the best musical teachers. He won a full scholarship to a well-respected art institute to major in music composition, surrounded by a phenomenal artistic community. Years later, he has lamented that he never attended a “normal” high school or got to play sports.

In “Living Your Unlived Life: Coping with Unrealized Dreams and Fulfilling Your Purpose in the Second Half of Life, Jungian analysts Robert A. Johnson and Jerry Ruhl provide an inventory with questions like these to ponder.

  • How would you title your life story?
  • What were some of the missed opportunities or paths not taken?
  • Which talents and abilities have you not applied?

There are many examples of the power of using our minds to create new possibilities. Neural pathways are carved just by imagining that we are engaged in a new activity. People mentally visualizing playing a musical instrument or a sport show almost as much increase in skill level and accuracy as those actually practicing the activity.

For those ready to chart a new life direction, at Technologies of the Self, we start with an in-depth, non-judgmental inventory of your talents, qualities, and potentials to see what unlived lives you may want to embark on.   Our life coaching methods are cutting edge.

But we don’t stop there.  Hypnosis and visualization techniques allow us to go beyond the limitations of what the conscious mind can achieve.  You are guided into a deep state, where your critical mind, the part that has been in charge so far, relaxes.  Your subconscious mind, where your unlived selves are still waiting, is ready to open up and to create your unrealized life dreams. Through hypnosis you can visualize yourself engaged in your heart’s desires, living your new life, and immediately be headed towards your new destination.

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  1. Great article Victoria! Thanks for the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy on Thursday. Your skills are definitely beneficial in supporting people to unlock their destiny and re-find their path. I’m so happy that a practitioner of your caliber is involved with Nourished Health Wellness Center. I feel stronger on my path and recommitted to my passions as a result of experiencing the introductory group hypnotherapy and know that working one-on-one with you over several sessions would really amplify that experience. Thanks and I’m excited for 2011!

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