Imagine getting the benefits of a lap band without going through surgery, saving yourself thousands of dollars and no risk of side effects! My cutting-edge, scientifically-proven weight loss program offers you similar results at a fraction of the cost.

Although many people are able to lose weight with dieting, only 5% will actually be able to keep it off! You probably know friends who have even regained their weight after a surgical lap band, yet still are dealing with the side effects. For permanent weight loss, one must find a way to change what’s going on inside, emotionally and mentally. Cutting down on calories and starting to exercise is great, but to maintain your desired weight, we need to look at your stress levels, associations to food and comfort, self-image, fears, cravings, metabolism, relationships, and sleeping patterns.

I am one of only a handful of Colorado weight loss specialists trained in an exciting new technique that I integrated a couple of years ago into my already successful program. Virtual Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis works by convincing the subconscious that you have had the procedure to have a lap band inserted, reducing the size of your stomach. Clients report feeling satisfied with much less food and lose weight simply by the power of suggestion and weekly support and reinforcement. All of this with No drugs and No side effects.

Before our first meeting you will take some self-assessments to learn what type of eater you are and how knowledge about your brain can support you. As you can see, besides the lap band procedure, this is a Whole Person approach that will not only help you achieve your target weight, but enable you to create a new “Life Script” for yourself, bringing new vitality and enthusiasm to every phase of your life.

You will learn how your brain affects your motivation to eat and then, through hypnosis, be guided through healing your emotional baggage, and increasing your desire to exercise and to spontaneously make healthier food choices.

Each of the 8 sessions has a unique focus, with handouts and weight loss tools, such as a pedometer.

  • Phase One, including the “pre-op” visit and lap band procedure, the emphasis is on developing a healthier eating schedule, making healthier choices and reinforcing your motivation and reasons to lose weight.
  • Phase Two emphasizes eating only for hunger, increasing activity and making yourself a priority.
  • Phase Three continues to tweak your eating and exercise plan, ensures sound sleep, and reinforces your desire to maintain your new healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle.

The lap band will be virtually tightened in the 6th session and the final session will be individualized to your specific needs, offering support for improved sleep, anxiety, self-esteem, forgiveness, emotional eating, or pain relief.

Weeks before arriving at their target weight, clients report feeling “more excited about life,” or “I’m already feeling different about myself when I wake up in the morning” or even surprise that their favorite pastry no longer attracts them.

Instead of paying in excess of $5,000 for a lapband, my program is only $795.00. After the initial complementary session, this plan includes a 1 1/2 hour intake, a “pre-op” appointment and 6 more weekly sessions.

The package includes 8 weekly sessions, a weight loss journal, a pedometer and take-home information.   $795

Call 720-460-0758 for a Free Consultation

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Imagine getting the benefits of a lap band without going through surgery, saving yourself thousands of dollars and no risk of side effects! My cutting-edge, scientifically-proven weight loss program offers you similar results at a fraction of the cost. I am one of only a handful of Colorado weight loss specialists trained in an exciting new technique…

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