Quit Smoking by Using Your Mind!

Technologies of the Self’s Smoking Cessation Program is very effective.  If you are truly ready and motivated to quit smoking, you should be able to stop smoking with just one 2-hour session.  Most people do. Research shows that hypnosis doubles the effectiveness of any other approach, so combining tools intensifies its power!

We will be meeting 3 times in my office. The first time is a Prepare to Quit Session. We will explore your smoking history and related issues, as well as why and when you smoke. You will set your QUIT DATE and go home with a list of recommendations to prepare for success.

Your Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Session will then be individualized to fit your own particular motivations to quit smoking and what benefits you see that it will bring to your life. For some it’s to go backpacking in the mountains without being short of breath; for others it’s to prevent lung cancer, to have better smelling clothes or to avoid wrinkles. Whatever you tell me, I will use your own words to suggest them back to you, when you are in a deep state of relaxation and your subconscious mind is open to take in the desires of your conscious, rational, health-oriented  mind. During your intense session, you will be guided through a number of techniques and visualizations to gain your freedom from cigarettes and start your new healthy lifestyle with easy, clear breathing.

The program is $375, which includes-

1) Preparing to Quit meeting (75 minutes)

2) the Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy session (2 hours)

3) a take-home reinforcement Stop-Smoking CD (20 minutes)

4) follow-up Reinforcement Session. (1 hour)

Payment may be made by check, cash or credit card.

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Pregnant and Still Smoking?

Pregnant and still smoking? Or maybe you want have a baby, but don’t know how you’re going to quit like you know you should.

Besides the harmful toxins nicotine and carbon monoxide, “cigarette smoke contains more than 2,500 individual chemicals, all of which can have a potential impact on the life of an unborn child.”

Research shows that the children of mothers who smoked during the pregnancy are more likely to have developmental disorders, childhood cancer, SIDS,  and birth defects.  Even before birth, the pregnancy is twice as likely to suffer serious complications. Experts estimate that if all pregnant women refrained from smoking, it would reduce more than 1 out of 10 stillbirths. Unfortunately, even being exposed to second-hand smoke increases the risk that the “child will be born at less than normal weight and have growth issues.”

Because of these risks, we are offering a 50% discount for our Smoking Cessation Program to expectant mothers and their partners.  Call 720-460-0758 for an appointment today!

How to Quit Smoking

Now that it’s New Year’s there are posts galore on how to overcome all of our unhealthy habits and issues.  In one- How to Quit Smoking — 10 Crazy Ways Smokers Finally Kicked the Habit , solutions that actually worked (at least for the person sharing the tip), range from eating dog biscuits to drinking baking  soda. The article has some great tips and related info, but what I found interesting was how a psychologist who was studying hypnosis quit smoking. She practiced on a friend at a New Year’s party and then realized a week later that even though she had a pack-a-day habit, that she herself hadn’t smoked since then. Thirty years later she is still cigarette-free.

While the Technologies of the Self’s Smoking Cessation Program is very effective, and  most people can quit at the first session, I don’t smoke. I did have a similar experience to the therapist, though,  when my first client went through our 8 week weight loss program.  I lost 15 pounds immediately! Evidently while guiding her to visualize her new healthy body, I was affecting my own subconscious.

Well, it sure shows the power of the mind! What I like most about using hypnosis to change behaviors is that it doesn’t depend on will-power. In these two cases, it even worked indirectly, second-hand. I love that. Instead of second-hand smoke, second-hand smoking cessation!

Clients say that without even thinking about their issue, they realize that they are no longer even attracted to what they are wanting to avoid, the change happens spontaneously!

Call 720-460-0758 for your FREE CONSULTATION, then we will individualize your hypnotherapy session to fit your personal motivations and deepest desires.

One Cigarette Can Cause Harm

Scary news in a new study that shows that even very light smoking can lead to serious health issues-

“a new report from the U.S. Surgeon General concludes that even a single cigarette can cause immediate harm and raise the risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease. . . any exposure to smoking — a single drag of a cigarette, occasional smoking or secondary exposure to cigarette smoke — can damage the body’s cells, tissue and DNA, raising the risk of cancer.

Besides the awareness of the dangers of just taking a drag here and there,  in the days of such fear of trans-fats and of gluten, to read that “the Surgeon General’s report further notes that cigarette manufacturers have recently changed the design and ingredients in cigarettes to deliver toxic ingredients more effectively and make smoking more addictive” just doesn’t make sense!

Of all the deaths in America, smoking accounts for 20% of them and 23% of adults are still smoking!

This makes me even more grateful that our stop smoking program is so effective. Most people are able to stop smoking after just two sessions.