A Mythic Journey of Transformation

Sunday, January 15; 3:30-6:00pm    The People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver CO 80211

You will experience 3 imaginative voyages to discover lost parts of yourself, and your hidden treasures and talents.

During our first journey we will experience the heroes of ancient mythology and Biblical characters. In the second voyage will visit underwater caves, dragons and wizards, and for the last we will experience the strength and inspiration from modern-day heroes that you truly admire in your life today.

Through these time travels you’ll gain courage and inspiration, ready for the New You in 2016.

$40 if paid by 1/14, $45 thereafter. To reserve your space, go to PayPal.Me/TechoftheSelf.


Deleting for New Year’s

Don’t know about you, but I found it a little disheartening to realize that 9 out of 10 Merry Christmas and New Year’s greetings in my emailbox were from people marketing their services or products rather than my true friends. It helped me also realize how much I wanted to unsubscribe from most of the newsletters I’ve been getting, spiritual or wellness oriented or not.  I need to spend much less time in 2012 sorting through email and I bet most of my contacts do too.  So, my #1 and #2 New Year’s resolutions for 2012, starting NOW are–

#1  Unsubscribe to almost all email newsletters.

#2  Resolve not to send others marketing messages disguised as friendly holiday greetings.

Care to join me in this? If so, pass it on! Let’s unclog our email boxes and start doing vs. reading in 2012!