Each of our organs, bones and tissues have a particular resonant frequency. Vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe. After a brief introduction to entrainment, frequencies and cymatics, experience an orchestra of sound and vibration within your own body with vocal toning, tuning forks and crystal bowls.

Take a look at this incredible demo on how sound affects everything in our environment, then come feel how the vibrations enter you and create shifts and bliss! Go to Meetup to register and for more info-MeetUp

Mapping Your Spiritual Journey

Sunday, February 19; 3:30-6:00pm    The People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver CO 80211

Spiritual growth is not a linear process from unconscious to enlightened being. When we look at our lives we see many crossroads and ups and downs. Where did we totally lose our bearings? Did we realize at some point that the religious teachings we received as a child no longer worked for us? What insights did we gain along the way from roadblocks or when teachers appeared when we needed them? Explore your path and gain new understandings while having fun.

Cost: $40/person if you register by 2/16, $45 thereafter. Workshop will be canceled if there are less than 4 registered by 2/16 at 5 pm, so please make sure to register if you plan on coming.

To reserve your place, go to

For information call Victoria Bresee, 720-460-0758, or email

A Mythic Journey of Transformation

Sunday, January 15; 3:30-6:00pm    The People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver CO 80211

You will experience 3 imaginative voyages to discover lost parts of yourself, and your hidden treasures and talents.

During our first journey we will experience the heroes of ancient mythology and Biblical characters. In the second voyage will visit underwater caves, dragons and wizards, and for the last we will experience the strength and inspiration from modern-day heroes that you truly admire in your life today.

Through these time travels you’ll gain courage and inspiration, ready for the New You in 2016.

$40 if paid by 1/14, $45 thereafter. To reserve your space, go to PayPal.Me/TechoftheSelf.


Mind/Body Explorations-New MeetUp Group!

Denver area friends, wanted you to know that I have a new Meetup group that I think you’d enjoy-Mind/Brain Explorations for Living. To help you create the life you are meant to be living, we will learn, explore, meditate and create on our journey to wellness and personal/spiritual growth.Technologies of the Self

Topics range from learning self-hypnosis techniques, stress relief, meditation, pain management, brain optimization, weight loss, and recovery support, to sound healing. Are you the type that loves to keep growing? We will have a creative, rewarding time together. I will be sharing a lot of the same information from my workshops and leading you through some hypnotic visualization sessions. So, this is a very affordable way to experience and learn. Each session will give you take-home exercises, techniques and info to support your creation of the New You!

Our next session, this Tuesday evening, is about willpower, how to access it and how to strengthen it. It’s pretty surprising stuff, based on the work of Dr. Kelly McGonigal.

Besides looking at this fresh new approach to habit change, I will be sharing a very simple 5-minute meditation that anyone can do, in fact, she says it works even better if you’re not good at it!

Space is limited to 8, so make sure to RSVP through Meetup, the rest of the info is there, too-
Mind/Brain Explorations for Living

Your Body, the Orchestra:

A healing experience-

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2-4:30 pm, at the People House

Ancient mystery schools of Rome, Athens, Egypt, India, China and Tibet used sound as a therapeutic tool, based upon the belief that vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe.  According to Jonathan Goldman, “the human body may be metaphorically understood as an orchestra, with each organ, bone, tissue and part having a resonant frequency.”  Come to experience an orchestra of sound within your own body. After a brief discussion of frequency, entrainment, and cymatics, you will have the opportunity to play crystal healing bowls, work with tuning forks, listen to Tibetan Bowls, and learn to tone with the sounds from your own throat.  Each participant will be able to enter into a healing space and to have bowls played on his or her body which will become filled with vibration.

Facilitator:   Victoria Bresee, MA, MAR, CHt, CBNhas a Master’s of Religion from Iliff School of Theology. She also holds certificates in Brain Nutrition Counseling, from the Brain Optimization Institute, and in Hypnotherapy, from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Cost: $20   Pre-registration required.

Registration/Information: or call 720-460-0758.

Healing Sounds

We are used to listening to music, analyzing how it is performed, and occasionally being moved emotionally by what we hear, but research shows that sound affects us more deeply that we realize. It can be used to heal us, but it also can harm us.

Ancient stories from the Old Testament show the dramatic use of sound, like when Joshua commanded the Israelites to shout and blow trumpets to destroy the walls of Jericho, or when King Saul called for David to play his harp, to get the “evil spirit” to leave him in peace.

The father of many disciplines, such as architecture and geometry, Pythagoras, wrote in the 5th Century, B.C.E.-“There is geometry of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” Plato insisted that the police of the ideal city needed to study harmonics, “for a mind exposed to the principles of proportion is more likely to have a true appreciation for the nature of justice.”

“What the philosophers wrote about and now scientists are finding is that “the laws of harmony are truly universal principles, of the same order as other universal phenomena, such as light, energy, or gravitation, and that ‘harmony is not invented, it is discovered.’”

We remember from high school physics that matter is highly condensed energy, which to our senses appears solid. Sound and color are both made up of vibrations, and so is what we call “reality.” “The visual spectrum in frequency terms is 400-790 THz, so it’s just under one octave. Humans with great hearing can hear from 20 Hz to 20KHz, which is ten octaves.” So, we while we can see one octave, we can hear ten! Yet, we hardly pay attention to sounds around us and often learn to suppress them.

Resonance is the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates. Besides the destruction of the walls of Jericho, we’ve all heard about singers that can break a glass by singing loud enough and long enough at the glass’s resonant frequency. What researchers are finding is that every cell, every bone in your body has its own resonant frequency, and to carry it a little further, we can actually think of disease as disharmony, being “out of tune!”

The early Christian writer, Clement, recognized this when he exclaimed, “Humanity is a beautiful breathing instrument of music made after God’s image.” Using music and sound appropriately not only can relax us, but bring us into harmony with others and nature.

Recently, a lot of work has been done to document the measurable effects that sound can have on the heartbeat, respiration, and the ability to concentrate, and some really exciting exploration is looking at its use in healing and supporting the immune system. Just as different tones can affect the walls of Jericho or a glass, different tones and instruments have been found to affect various parts of the body. There are many elements to sound that affect us, for instance repetitive rhythmic patterns affect breathing and the heart rate, much more than lyrics or melody. Think of all the noises and sounds we are bombarded with everyday!

The knowledgeable use of sound can support us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Technologies of the Self sound sessions will surround you with the healing tones of crystal quartz bowls. One recent client reported that when the bowls were played on her body, she felt like her body was an empty vessel, vibrating as if it were a musical instrument, like a flute.

Socrates said that, “Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace.”

Contact Victoria (720-460-0758) or, to experience an orchestra of healing, restorative sound within your own body.

Sessions: 1 1/2 hours,  $95

The Science of Gratitude

Gratitude HeartResearch shows that people who learn to focus on gratitude not only are “flat-out happier”, but are-

More energetic

Are more determined

Get more sleep

Feel better about their lives

Are more likely to help others

Exercise more, and even–have fewer illnesses.

Heading into winter, during these challenging times, wouldn’t you like to learn how to give yourself a gratitude intervention?

2 Opportunities in Denver-a brief overview over lunch or a 2 hour workshop-

Thursday, November 11, 12-1 Lunch & Learn at the Nourished Health Wellness Center, West City Park, $10 (a healthy lunch prepared by Chef Katie Bauer is available for additional $5)


Saturday, November 13, 10am-noon at the People House, Highlands

Preregistration is necessary. Call 720-515-8411 or email

Participants will-

  1. Gain an overview of the research conducted by Robert Emmons, PhD that shows the mental and physical benefits of a thankful attitude.

2. Take a Daily Gratitude Inventory (DGI).

3. Take home a list of 10 evidence-based prescriptions to increase one’s gratitude rating in order to experience more health benefits.

Victoria Bresee will share information from a training she attended with Dr. Emmons, at Loma Linda University, called “Gratitude as a Way of Life: Insights from the Science of Well-Being”. He is the author of Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.

Dream Yoga: Meditation for the Lazy

What if you could meditate only during the time between hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and getting up in the morning? And what if this meditation was certain to be more powerful and deep that any of your standard “insight” meditations?

In fact, the Tibetan Buddhists have numerous practices that follow along these lines. The goal of many of these practices is to reach a state in which one can observe the “natural light” of the mind free from thoughts and attachments. The time before you have fully come into wakefulness is also a time before you have resumed all the trappings of selfhood.

One simple method is to focus on a symbol, say an “X”, as resting right on the inside of your forehead. This will help you stay half-awake and half-asleep letting you persist in a dream-like state while alert enough to observe the nature of the mind.

You can use this practice either first thing in the morning (which I recommend), during a nap, or at night when you go to bed. The result is a feeling of freedom, peace, and detatchment. One simply feels less constrained, having seen first hand a limitless and infinite space.

For more information on these techniques read How to Practice by the Dalai Lama or Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.