Myth-“You Have to Hit Bottom to Be Ready for Recovery”


We’ve all heard it stated, as if it were true, that a person “has to hit bottom” before they are really ready to recover from addiction? Strong evidence shows that “reaching people early, when their problems are less severe and more treatable, leads to better outcomes.  Since 1996, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has recommended starting with the least intensive treatment that is safe.”

Starting Oct. 15 I will be offering evidence-based support for relapse prevention. There are new effective ways to gain freedom from dependence way before you hit bottom! The program will be individualized to your needs, with 4 different packages with personal one-on-one sessions and coaching calls or group intensives with ongoing support. More information will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Give me a call if you are interested in reserving a space.  720-460-0758.

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One Cigarette Can Cause Harm

Scary news in a new study that shows that even very light smoking can lead to serious health issues-

“a new report from the U.S. Surgeon General concludes that even a single cigarette can cause immediate harm and raise the risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease. . . any exposure to smoking — a single drag of a cigarette, occasional smoking or secondary exposure to cigarette smoke — can damage the body’s cells, tissue and DNA, raising the risk of cancer.

Besides the awareness of the dangers of just taking a drag here and there,  in the days of such fear of trans-fats and of gluten, to read that “the Surgeon General’s report further notes that cigarette manufacturers have recently changed the design and ingredients in cigarettes to deliver toxic ingredients more effectively and make smoking more addictive” just doesn’t make sense!

Of all the deaths in America, smoking accounts for 20% of them and 23% of adults are still smoking!

This makes me even more grateful that our stop smoking program is so effective. Most people are able to stop smoking after just two sessions.