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Dark Days-10 Tips to Live Happier till Springtime

When the days are short and the nights are long, do you feel like crawling in a cave or at least under the covers until springtime? Do you feel like Lord Byron expressed-“I am always more religious on sunshiney days”? Mood variation dependent on the amount of sunlight affects many of us, mostly women. Symptoms…

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Curious about Biofield Tuning?

Take a look at this lively, informative interview with the founder of Biofield Tuning, the profound new healing work that I do. I love sharing it with clients and see the deep releasing that happens, but I also love what it’s done in my own life over the last year that I’ve been experiencing it.

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Each of our organs, bones and tissues have a particular resonant frequency. Vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe. After a brief introduction to entrainment, frequencies and cymatics, experience an orchestra of sound and vibration within your own body with vocal toning, tuning forks and crystal bowls. Take a look at this incredible…

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Mapping Your Spiritual Journey

Sunday, February 19; 3:30-6:00pm    The People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver CO 80211 Spiritual growth is not a linear process from unconscious to enlightened being. When we look at our lives we see many crossroads and ups and downs. Where did we totally lose our bearings? Did we realize at some point that the…

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Your Soul; Once-Born, Twice-Born? More?

Have you ever taken time to reflect on all the changes you’ve gone through in your spiritual journey, since your earliest view of God as a White-Haired Old Man in the Sky? Did a time come when the faith passed down from your family no longer worked for you? If that time never came and…

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Biofield Tuning Now Available in Denver!

Many of you know that I recently completed my certification training in Biofield Tuning with the founder, Eileen Day McKusick. Watch her 7 minute interview to learn more about it. It is such profoundly healing work, I love to be able to share it. Give me a call at 720-460-0758 to experience it yourself!

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Mind/Body Explorations-New MeetUp Group!

Denver area friends, wanted you to know that I have a new Meetup group that I think you’d enjoy-Mind/Brain Explorations for Living. To help you create the life you are meant to be living, we will learn, explore, meditate and create on our journey to wellness and personal/spiritual growth. Topics range from learning self-hypnosis techniques,…

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3 Steps to a Happier Brain

Did you know that our brains have a preferential bias for the negative? Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson, Ph.D., says that our brains are like teflon for positive experiences, but to ensure our survival and keep alert for signs of danger, they are constantly scanning for the negative out there and then latching onto it like Velcro. No…

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Is Anyone Touching You? ( I mean physically.)

My strongest visual memory from my first class in psychology many years ago is a photo of some very sad, pathetic looking baby monkeys who were fading away, with “failure to thrive” because their “mother” was a wire mesh feeder,  instead of a warm, soft one. Researcher Harlow found that they valued being touched even…

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Healing Sounds

We are used to listening to music, analyzing how it is performed, and occasionally being moved emotionally by what we hear, but research shows that sound affects us more deeply that we realize. It can be used to heal us, but it also can harm us. Ancient stories from the Old Testament show the dramatic…

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