Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Throughout the ages, healers have known that sound has an incredible effect on our emotions, health, and spiritual well-being

Plato categorized various types of music and rhythms in to those that would lead us to truth and virtue and those that could harm.

In the West, this thinking eventually led to Gregorian chant. In the East, Buddhist monks experimented with various metals creating the Tibetan healing bowls.

Modern science has confirmed many of these effects by showing how tones can directly change our brainwaves through the process of entrainment.

Even more immediately, intense sounds instantly lead away from the syntax module (the language centers of the brain) to activity in the right brain, often making intense emotional release possible.

Deep vibrations from crystal bowls, which can be placed directly on the body, relieve and alter the muscular tension that is so much a part of who we are, leading to spiritual and religious experiences.

We combine sound healing with body and energy work for a treatment that leads to change and growth and is filled with beauty.

Contact Victoria for more information or to make an appointment:, 720-460-0758.  $95 for 1-1/2 hour session.

2 thoughts on “Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

  1. Love to attend your next venue at the People House but will be hosting an event that day – when is the next event, or would you be willing to set an event if I can find a location? I would be happy to do so within the next 60 days. I love doing this to get the word out and have many friends who would like to attend. Let me know your thoughts. Blessings, Paula

  2. Sure, I’d love to put together a sound healing event for you and your friends. Let’s get in touch.

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