Living the “Possible Life” and Loving It


Are you too hard on yourself? Do you exhaust yourself in a quest for perfection?

Living each day with a sense of pleasure and accepting imperfection is an art. We can learn to savor “perfect moments” rather than strive for a more perfect life. Join us on the path from perfectionism to balance and freedom!

Denver Workshop-

The People House, 3035 W. 25th Ave. Denver. Sunday, April 22, 3-5 PM.

Cost: $25 Pre-registration is necessary. Call me or email to register or for more info. 720-460-0758 or  You can also join our Mind/Brain Explorations Meetup.

Healing from Trauma with Neurofeedback


Increased sense of calm, clarity, focus and resilience in myself and my partner after 7 months of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training are what motivated me to get certified to offer it to my clients. This is a moving testimonial to how it can help heal from a worse trauma than I’ve ever experienced-

Could your Biofield Need Some Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a relatively new method to promote deep healing discovered by Eileen Mckusick ( She found that there is an electromagnetic field that extends about 5 feet out from our bodies, in either direction that stores our history. Due to experiences of trauma, that can occur as early as in the womb, our energetic patterns are disrupted.

As we strike a tuning fork and start combing the field in towards the body, to gradually arrive at the individual’s current age, we provide acoustical feedback to the body to restore it to coherence. She calls it recalibrating the body to wholeness, just as we tune instruments that get out of tune. We listen for places where the tone goes flat or sharp, or might be full of static, then we keep sounding the fork until the tone is clear and pure.

My clients are astounded at the forgotten stories that they realize they are still carrying energetically. In the days after a session, they report a sense of lightness, more joy, the ability to start speaking their truth, or a feeling of oneness and a deep spiritual connection.

For deeper, more theoretical exploration, go to Eileen McKusick’s You Tube channel, where a variety of videos provide more explanation or find her book, Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy.

Besides bringing coherence through clearing the Biofield around the body, there are many protocols that utilize weighted forks directly on the body, for instance:

  • Brain/Vagus Nerve Integration
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Clearing the Throat Chakra
  • Overcoming Habits
  • Support for the Digestive System
  • Adrenal Rhythm Reset
  • Respiratory System/Grief
  • Head, Neck & Shoulders

Sessions last around 75 minutes.

Dark Days-10 Tips to Live Happier till Springtime

Evening GloomWhen the days are short and the nights are long, do you feel like crawling in a cave or at least under the covers until springtime? Do you feel like Lord Byron expressed-“I am always more religious on sunshiney days”?

Mood variation dependent on the amount of sunlight affects many of us, mostly women. Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, as it is called, mimic those of depression-fatigue, lack of interest in things that used to be pleasurable, cravings for carbohydrates and weight gain.

If this is describing how you are feeling, here are 10 Tips:

  1. Get outside even if it’s just to rake leaves or shovel snow at least 10 minutes a day.
  2. Open all the blinds and curtains in the house to let all the sunshine in that is available.
  3. Take your laptop or book to sit by a window.
  4. Make sure you are taking enough Vitamin D.
  5. Replace your light bulbs with full (broad) spectrum ones.
  6. We are mammals. If you are getting sleepy earlier than usual, don’t fight it. Go to bed.
  7. If you must start your day before sunrise, set a timer on your bedroom light to come on a half hour before the alarm goes off.
  8. If possible, plan your vacations in January or February and go south to sunnier climes.
  9. Push yourself out of the cave. Get together with friends and do something fun. Join a Meetup group.
  10. Remember it won’t last forever. Each day from today on will have a few more minutes of sunshine!

Curious about Biofield Tuning?

Take a look at this lively, informative interview with the founder of Biofield Tuning, the profound new healing work that I do. I love sharing it with clients and see the deep releasing that happens, but I also love what it’s done in my own life over the last year that I’ve been experiencing it.

Mapping Your Spiritual Journey

Sunday, February 19; 3:30-6:00pm    The People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver CO 80211

Spiritual growth is not a linear process from unconscious to enlightened being. When we look at our lives we see many crossroads and ups and downs. Where did we totally lose our bearings? Did we realize at some point that the religious teachings we received as a child no longer worked for us? What insights did we gain along the way from roadblocks or when teachers appeared when we needed them? Explore your path and gain new understandings while having fun.

Cost: $40/person if you register by 2/16, $45 thereafter. Workshop will be canceled if there are less than 4 registered by 2/16 at 5 pm, so please make sure to register if you plan on coming.

To reserve your place, go to

For information call Victoria Bresee, 720-460-0758, or email

Your Soul; Once-Born, Twice-Born? More?

Born Again

Have you ever taken time to reflect on all the changes you’ve gone through in your spiritual journey, since your earliest view of God as a White-Haired Old Man in the Sky? Did a time come when the faith passed down from your family no longer worked for you? If that time never came and you were able to sail through life without anything shattering your faith or bringing your beliefs into question, you are what William James, in his classic work, The Varieties of Religious Experience, called “Once-Born“. You may see God as a loving, heavenly parent, who is there to hear your prayers and answer them, who showers the “Good” with blessings, like his promises of lands and wealth to Abraham.

Or, you may have hit a rocky place where you didn’t feel that God kept you safe or answered your prayers. You may have seen hypocrisy that disgusted you. Maybe your young, pure, innocent child died of a brain tumor despite the earnest prayers of your entire church congregation, and now, rather than seeing a world flooded with sunshine like you used to and the once-born, you see a world where the sun takes way long too come out after the storm. The world is more uncertain and what seemed to work in the past no longer does. You’ve seen too much tragedy befall “good” people. You no longer see God as the protective parent who keeps you “safe and dry.” So, James would say you were a “Twice-Born”, (Rabbi Kushner, Who Needs God, p. 35-36).

Many young people looked to India and the East for answers in the 60’s and now Buddhism has grown to be one of the religions in America with the most adherents. The concept of “mindfulness” is now practically mainstream.

What new paths have you taken? What pitfalls and road blocks did you encounter? What teachers came into your life when you were at a crossroads?

Actually taking crayons or markers and mapping out the whole journey is a foundational piece of my Spiritual Companionship sessions with clients or in workshops, but you can do it at home yourself. Take time to reflect and go way back in your imagination, charting the ups and downs, catastrophes, forks in the road, challenging enemies to your progress, and the appearance of spiritual teachers. Was there a dark time when you found the need to self-medicate to numb the pain? Did you find ways to connect with a higher power or guide, or tune into your own intuition or deep wisdom more clearly?

It’s a very powerful experience to go through and reflect on, but you can also use it as a springboard in your current meditation practice to explore the next steps in your journey. What I found fascinating as I redid the mapping through the years for myself, is that each time that I looked back, since by then I was in a new place along the way, different events gained significance. It’s always a fresh look at what brought us to where we are today, so leads to an even deeper appreciation for life’s journey.




The recent news about where Sasha Obama was going to finish high school probably wasn’t a big deal to you, but two years ago it sent a teen client of mine into a tailspin.

The very bright, over-achieving tenth grader, whose parents had been driving her to see me from Palm Springs every Friday afternoon arrived in total despair. She sat down on the couch and hid her hanging face in her hands. She began, “here I was starting to feel so much better about the new school and things were going well, and then you wouldn’t believe what happened!

She had been making good progress, learning tools to self-soothe from her school anxiety and was releasing some of the immense pressure to succeed that she had put herself under, but a “big disaster” was now threatening her future and had sent her into an emotional dive.

“Guess who is going to come to my school to destroy it!”

When she could see that I couldn’t come up with a guess, she answered it, “Sasha Obama! The Obamas are buying a house here in Palm Springs to move to after they leave the White House, so Sasha is going to butt in on my senior year in high school and wreck it, after all the hard work I’m going to. They came for a tour of the school and like it. Do you have any idea how horrible it’s going to be? Someone’s senior year is supposed to be so special, but mine’s going to totally suck.

At the meeting for the parents, the administration told them what they would be doing for security purposes and it’s going to cost a lot. Guess who’s going to end up paying for all that. The parents, of course. My parents are already sacrificing a lot for my tuition to go to that school. It’s just not fair! Just think how it’s going to change the environment on campus with all those Secret Service people around and reporters.”

Luckily, once she took a breath, I was able to guide her back to the tools we had been practicing over the last few months and she started to relax into the present moment.

This is where zebras come in. In his now classic Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, primatologist Robert M. Sapolsky says that while zebras may see immediate trouble coming and prepare to run by mobilizing a stress-response, they can’t get stressed about events far in the future.

“It’s not a general mammalian trait to become anxious about mortgages or the Internal Revenue Service, about public speaking or fears of what you will say in a job interview, about the inevitability of death.” (Or if Sasha Obama will be a student at your school in two years.)

Those fears may never come to amount to anything. They are psychological stressors, not actual, yet if we stay in that fear with a chronic stress-response, it can actually be more damaging to our health than the actual event would have been, if it actually took place.

Right now, millions around the globe are experiencing psychological stress about what is ahead for 2017. Let’s take a deep breath and imagine ourselves as zebras to keep our strength and stamina with us, so when an actual immediate danger comes, we will be able to overcome it. As my mother said often, “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Oh, and by the way if you haven’t heard, the Obamas will be staying in DC for the next few years so Sasha can finish high school there.

Biofield Tuning Now Available in Denver!

I count myself as very fortunate to have been able to complete my certification training in Biofield Tuning with the founder, Eileen Day McKusick. Since she is teaching worldwide now with the success of her book, “Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy”, she has delegated all but the advanced course to others.

Watch her 7 minute interview to learn more about it. It is such profoundly healing work, I love to be able to share it. Give me a call at 720-460-0758 to experience it yourself!

10 Tips to Calm Stage Fright

MUNYauditionPanelDoes just thinking about that audition coming up get your heart racing? Here are some practical steps (besides lots of practice!) that will keep you in the Zone to ensure that you will do your best. First of all, realize that you do need a dose of anxiety to provide pizzazz to your performance and lift it above your daily practice.

  • Way before the audition date, learn basic relaxation skills that will help you manage stress. You might try yoga or meditation or something as simple as loading your phone with music that calms you.
  • Even easier and more basic, learn to breathe deeply and slowly. When you are too nervous, you breathe more shallowly. This is counterproductive to the strong breath you need for a rich, deep tone or to hold long notes, or even to introduce your piece and project your voice. Exhale fully and hold it a short time before starting the inhale. Hold it again before the exhale, making the exhalation slightly longer than the inhalation. As you exhale into deeper relaxation with each breath, say “Peace” to yourself.
  • Mentally rehearse each passage of your piece. Olympic athletes imagine themselves going through each motion that will bring them over the finish line and see their arms raised in glory.
  • Mentally rehearse your stage presence. See yourself taking nice deep breaths before walking on stage, taking a few moments to gather yourself and breath before greeting the faculty and then signaling to the pianist.
  • Carry yourself as if you are the chosen performer. “Fake it till you make it!” Watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on Power Poses. Changing your posture doesn’t just make you feel and look more confident, but it gives you a surge of hormones to make it true!
  • Allow plenty of time to park, find the room, go to the bathroom and do your self-soothing techniques. Nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic and rushing to your appointment.
  • Take time to eat! Keep your blood sugar levels stable by having some protein. Don’t just grab a quick pastry. Anxiety is lot worse with blood sugar crashes.
  • Sleep! Get to bed early enough that even if you spend some time tossing and turning, you sleep as much as possible. Use your deep breathing skills to drift off and get restored for the next day.
  • Limit caffeine. This is not the time to go “cold turkey” on your morning cup of coffee, but don’t overdo it. Limit the ice tea and caffeinated sodas, too.
  • Dress comfortably. Yes, you want to look like a successful performer, that’s part of “faking it till you make it”, but it’s not the time to squeeze into something a little tight, or wear a complicated accessory that might slip off, or shoes that hurt your feet.

And finally, say a little mantra to yourself as you begin, like 16-year-old gymnast Laurie Hernandez did, right before winning the gold in Rio, “I’ve got this!” and know that you really do!

Call 720-460-0758 for your Free Consultation and click here to find out more about the Hypnosis for Stage Fright Program!